Poker Strategy: 5 Mavericks Rules to Performing Better and Winning Easily

There are probably more than 50 million nightmare scenarios that you could have if you are very unfortunate enough to suffer from mental health issues. That said, if you could just honestly remember which extremely negative thing in life would you prefer to overcome, which one would you prefer to be happier and live through for the rest of your life, you will likely be a much happier and productive person inside of just a few days. If you are someone who dreams of attaining happiness and productivity, you probably are aware of at least one thing that could make your lives a lot more miserable than they already are.

If you are someone who hopes in anyway or hoping to just do something worthwhile with all your efforts, you probably are aware of at least one mechanism that is situated entirely on self-interest. If you are like me, you probably wish to improve your life the best you can and to be more productive and successful in the process, you would do well to remember at least one more good thing about life.

Apparently some people decide to improve their fortunes from the get go. Whether it’s through getting a better job, or winning at a game or something, I’m sure you can agree that’s pretty grandiose. But that’saction,action,action. Non-action, non-work, action is the goal.

So, what is working? What can you do? Well, I whole heartily agree with the maxim ‘books are only read to be useful’. Likewise, you will only accomplish something if you actually do something. May I repeat, may I say, may I say books, are actually quite useful.

There are a whole load of things you can get from books. How did you do the course you took on IQ? How did you prepare for that test? You have to do something. That’s the only way a test can be useful. books are there to help you do something better, or slower. Far better than taking a test.

I’m sure you’ve already read books that claim to make you a good poker player. If you haven’t read any poker books yet, chances are at some point you’ll read one. Now isn’t it better to have a book, that you can look at over and over, than have absolutely nothing and never improve.

Texas Hold Em poker is a game of psychology, not percentages. Winning percentage is only a concept and most books are written by people with degrees in psychology. You can look at percentages and lengthy percentages and never get anywhere. The game is all about making the right decision, whether it’s called decision or just folding, at that moment. The numbers game is about advertisement, human psychology, not stats.

If you think you are going to win every pot, you are going to lose. If you think you are going to lose every pot, you will lose. That is the point of the game, you win or lose based on your skill and not pure luck.

The books are Ironically enough not about ‘how to win easier than the guy next to you’ but rather ‘how to be the guy who makes the right decision’. The guy who makes the right decision will win money at the table, or at least not lose too much. The books offer advice, not progressions, which is all about individual psychology.

So if the books are written by people with no love for the game, why do they offer ‘strategies’ that make it easier for the inexperienced to succeed while making it harder for the good players to win? Because they make money, a lot of money. If a strategy makes money, then the bookmaker will have made a lot of money by developing and promoting the strategy.

Unlike most other parts of poker, there is no short cut to becoming a good player. Good players don’t need a book to tell them how to do it. Good players are going to read the book and put the tips to practice while playing in the real world. The internet is the new training ground for players. Learn to play poker in live games while watching a real player, this is the new frontier. the game needs to be learned without the need of a book. the game can be learned by watching poker videos instead of having a book read to you. You want to be able to read a book and still learn the game? I think so, it is a lot like becoming a champion chess player.

In chess, the men who are the best at the moment, win simply because they are better than their opponents. In poker, the best players tend to be the same in many ways, so it can be difficult to be best. But it is more possible to be the best at poker than becoming the best poker player.