Free Online Poker Guide – How to Analyze the Tournament

Working on your own hand and making your own strategy can be very risky and it can take a long time to learn and master. A great way to save yourself hours of learning and practicing is to take advantage of free online poker tournaments. Sometimes the best way to learn is by taking advantage of free online poker tournaments and the strategies you can learn will not cost you a single penny.

Take for example a famous tournament that has been played for years and many champions have walked away a winner. The players are put into groups and each group is given a different color. Red and Blue fields are the lowest and they are put into a tournament. Now you must rank the highest in each group. This tournament is made up of several rounds. During each round the field changes with the losers of the previous rounds joining the winners.

Each group has a different player and the one with the best score wins. You can bet on the aggregate scores of each group as well as the individual scores of each player. If you collect all the points, you will have a guaranteed profit. This is a very easy concept to understand and implement. The staking plan is quite simple and the scoring simple.

Take your time to play and analyze the game. Understand tournament rules and strategies. Playing is quite simple yet winning is tough. Understand the expectations of the audience. Yeah, we are all in it for the win, right?

Often skeptical beginners think that the game play is too complicated and they lack strategies. Well, that is not true, but you must understand the why and how of the game. The strategies were outlined pretty well. Now you have to learn when to apply them properly. Play and analyze your hand carefully. Look for facial expressions and body language and try to get to know them.

You should have your eyes open and listen out for any kinds of signals. This includes things like a player getting excited and another’s facial expression. One of the best time to analyze is when you are having a very strong hand. At this point you should be very focused on the game. Concentrate. If you think you have a winning hand, bet, raise or re-raise, this can really ignite other players. They try to see what you have and will not let you get in the way and will not give you your hand and you return the favor by throwing in your card and catching the next one.

The analyzing time is limited, because the game is fast-paced. But don’t lose focus. Always remember position at the table. Always. If you are in an early position and all others are calling your bets and raises, this is not the best time to go for a raise because other players in the earlier positions are not going to give you the same confidence you have in your hand. They can have made calls with any hand after the flop and there are not any hands on the table yet.

Cardinals in disguise: Weak hands in bad position. If you have a medium hand in the last positions (closer to the blinds), you should be more aggressive, maybe raising or re-raising, to get the most out of it.

Position is vital to the Dewavegas. Always remember we are all in it together, and if you want to be a winner you should be in it together. Learn the strategies of the game and be sure you use them in your next game.