How to Overcome Tight Video Poker Machines

If you are a video poker player, it is important to know the best ways to overcome those tight machines. This will allow you to increase your profits. Read this article now to discover some easy ways to increase your profits.

I have always been a firm believer that a machine is usually ‘designed’ to be this way, especially when it comes to poker. The reason for this is because the casino wants the cards to go in a certain way, or the players to feel as though they were going to hit the jackpot.

In the following article I will talk about several ways to overcome those tight video poker machines. These are easy to implement and will greatly increase your profits.

  1. Add Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are offered in many online casinos. They include things like million dollar jackpots, give you a percentage of the jackpot as your cash back, or you do work for them, offering you small payouts in return for their employees’ time.

  1. Machines Get Larger

Superfavorites ( machines that are harder to win ) and jacks-or-better machines get larger by adding more units into the wheel and ball. What you lose in risk goes to the casino.

  1. The All-You-Can-Bet Strategy

In video poker, you can bet one or more credits, which lets you try your luck. You can play more in each game, and all results are logged to your account. Therefore, you can place more in the same result to increase your return. You might win a lot more, and in the long run, still lose the same amount as other players.

The principle here is simple. If the game has a lot of smaller wins, you are increasing the probability that you will lose. By betting the same, you have a small change of winning. The main advantage of this strategy is that the payouts are lower, therefore minimizing your losses.

  1. Using Jackpots.

Jackpots are the bane of the slot player. The more jackpots you hit, the more you want to hit. This means you are encouraged to play. Jackpot machines use what is known as a built-in mechanism for setting the payments. The payout is in relation to the number of coins you play.

  1. Lose Less.

If you wan to win, you need to reduce your losses and the time spent by each spin. Firstly, you need to focus on hitting the small jackpots. They come around far less often, but when you do win, you will have a far larger return on your original stake.

  1. Machines Get Cold After They Hit.

A good machine is due to hit the jackpot less often. The idea is that the older machines that haven’t paid out for a while are more likely to hit the jackpot. Then the machines that have not paid out for a while are likely to hit. The idea is that you wait in line for machines that are less than a year old. The older machines hit more often, which pays out more money.

  1. Don’t rely on Payout Percentage.

Not all machines are the same. Some pay out more than others. Some machines may be set to pay out 60% whereas others may only pay out 40%. It’s a good idea to look around and play machines that pay out more. You can also find a higher payout percentage machine, but it may also have a higher maximum coin size.

  1. Look for machines with Better Games.

Certain machines are better to play than others. Some slot machines will pay out more for less coins. Reviews about the best machines can be very different. The payouts are generally higher, but not always 100% accurate. It all depends on the game you are playing.

  1. Look for machines that Offer a High Roller Bonus.

These machines offer the bonus for a high number of coins played, but are more difficult to win. The payout is hit more often, but so is the payout percentage. High roller slots offer the biggest jackpots, but also have the worst payouts.

  1. Play higher payout machines.

Winning is the main goal when playing Dewalive. The higher the payout, the better. There are many machine that offer payouts of 100x the payout percentage. Stay away from these machines, unless you have over six hundred dollars to play with.

There are many other ways to win at slot machines. However, a good strategy for winning is to play the maximum number of coins and bet the maximum amount. If you hit a winning combination, you’ll feel like a genius. If you’re not winning, you can always move to a different machine. Most machines online offer a money back guarantee. What better way to make quick money than that?