Potential Orioles Offseason targets

As the off season approaches, the Potential Orioles start to zero in on their big targets. Some of these are power pitchers, some are cagesy hitters, and some are, well, you get the picture. There is, however, one thing that the Potential Orioles have going for them this season and that is manager, Jim 620.uted to be “The Hammer” when he was with the Yankees. Yeah, I know, what? The guy hit .Turbo 72% his rookie year. Yeah, well, let’s table that conversation.

Offensively, the Potential Orioles boast Manny, the most consistent slug in the game. depo 20k bonus 30k He hit over .300 throughout his career. Something that hasn’t changed much. However, theologies of the game are pretty straight forward. Low strikeout percentages lead to high slugging percentages. That’s been true of most of Ortiz’s career. Hey, if it works for the Yankees, it can work for the Orioles. Hopefully, the young guns around the league can help power the Orioles to a World Series title!

Often times, it’s the teams that can do the least hitting that end up going on to win the World Series. Big Red and Boston do a little of this occasionally, but mostly their bullpens just st inexplicably miss everyone.

Orioles are very streaky. Sometimes they’re terrible and run lights out. shorthanded players hurts the offense, too. While the Mets have been much better in the standings with their plus-140 run-lines, the Mets have been very average against the number on the trail.Can the Orioles get on a similar streak? Maybe, but they start the season on the Alabama Bluehound.

Let’s examine one current underdog of about 2,500 favorites. The New York Yankees, fresh off their AL pennant win, are about to turn their attentions to the AL East. The Yankees reside in a division with Texas, which no team wants to play, and they are loathe to go east of the Jersey. This team gets another boost on the ROEby the Yankees winning the first two games of the series at Guaranteed rates.

The first of those two games is this Sunday at Guaranteed rates. sill starter Randy Johnson is about to start a 3-game series against the rival Braves. Johnson has not won this year’s AL pennant, but he did pick up a win against the Tigers earlier in the season, so he could be tempted to play up his Skills. Also, it should be noted that the Yankees have failed to win the first two games of the three-game series in each of the past three seasons.

The Yankees are about a 7-game favorite as the favorite on the Monday night game with the Braves. The Yanks are about a season-high 29-days old and a season-losing streak of six games is likely coming. Meanwhile, the Braves, whose young nucleus has been decimated by injuries, are about a season-long losing streak. I mentioned Atlanta in my last matchup. After a day off, the Braves make things interesting with a pitching matchup of Matt silent against Kevin Schilling. I think Schilling gets into a fine groove once he returns from his latest injury.

Then, the highly-touted Yankees creeps from from from the .500 mark to the .630 mark with a span of 13 games. Of even more concern, the Yankees have been an phenomenal 93-17 at home since July 14. Let me repeat, the Yankees are an excellent 43-11 (.829) at home since July 14. Let’s break down what could be a great series: It’s likely we’ll have a lot of pitching and we’ll examine it in this direction.

The first game is Tuesday at 7:05 ET and the second game is Friday at 10:05 ET. The Yankees are on the road but the home team should be favored by more than a full game. Currently the Yankees are about a 2-to-1 favorite ( 213) when playing on the road against the home team.

We have successfully gone through this rotation the last two years, so we ought to have it this time around.Opposition Line: Yankees by 9.5Played: Yankees plus 9.5 Dixon Strongarm (RHP -1/1) +1/1. Twenty- seven percent of the time this rotation goes six games or more in a row with the home team winning the first two games.

It’s back-to-back days, which means a halves game means a whole half of the remaining games will be played on the second day of each of the teams’ home-only streaks. Oddsmakers will make a special effort to make the Yankees visible favorites, how it often seems they don’t do themselves any favors when visiting the road.